Rodents can be bothersome and annoying. They can also be destructive and pose health threats to your family. 

Heart of Texas Pest Control offers rodent enclosure services year round.  A technician will conduct an evaluation of your home or business and identify entry areas for pests.  Areas will be sealed to ensure future entry by pests is difficult. 

Our technicians will also lay traps to catch any existing rodents currently residing in your premises.  Traps will be checked frequently until all animals have been removed. 


Lizards and Iguana’s are actually good pest control friends!  Lizards eat bugs and are not usually harmful to humans unless you are bitten by a large one or struck by its tail. 

Because lizards and geckos are not harmful, we do not treat for these animals.

Small Animals

Raccoons, opossums, squirrels and other small animals can cause damage.  Heart of Texas Pest Control, Inc. will SAFELY trap and remove these animals from your premises. 

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