I need Pest Control?  What is the process?

The process begins with an initial inspection and evaluation of the premises. An experienced technician will meet with you at your home or office to conduct a thorough inspection of the site to identify pests, conducive areas to pests, and structural or sanitation issues which aid in infestation of the premises.  Once an evaluation has been completed, the technician will establish a customized program that meets your home or business requirements.

An initial treatment will then be scheduled and conducted.  During the initial treatment, the technician will conduct the following:

  • Inspect for favorable conditions for fire ants

  • Treat perimeter of house around windows, entryways, doorways and areas that are conducive to pests

Treat interior of premises to include:

  •  Dusting of all wall voids (plumbing areas: kitchen, bath, laundry areas, garage, and any visible entry points)

  •  Attic (when needed)

  •  Dust/treat specific infested areas

Due to the nature of most insects and their breeding patterns, it is extremely important to maintain a treatment program. Just because you do not see pests after the initial treatment does not mean they are not present.  Therefore, maintaining treatment is extremely important.

In order to decrease the pest population in your home or office, regular treatments should be scheduled.  The frequency of these treatments will range from monthly to quarterly.

If needed, our technicians will offer areas of improvement that may be required in order to maintain a successful pest control program. 

Technicians may suggest ways to improve the structural integrity of premises (i.e. cracks in foundation or holes that require patching to control rodent entry) and sanitation and food disposal techniques.


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